About Thursday Sounds

About us- Rochelle & Nigel

The cutest couple ever based out of Calgary Alberta. Lovers of music, art, food & travel. Thursday Sounds is an homage to the Night Gallery Bar & Cabaret which was pretty much the best place for live music for 2 decades. This is where Roch & Nyj met and hung out to see live bands, listen to underground music of all genres- and party... Not only was this a place for all weirdies, the space itself, including the staff was so rad. Rochelle & Nigel want to create a collection of pieces that give a sense of nostalgia for that time, while living & enjoying the present.

Music & Art Inspiration

Rochelle & Nigel spend a lot of their time traveling to see live shows whether it's music, comedy, or art events. Their goal is to simply create things they love in hopes that others will enjoy as well.

What we do..

Thursday Sounds is a collaborative venture between the dynamic duo Nigel & Rochelle. 

We create art work together to explore  sweet little scenarios that life has to offer. 

Each design, illustration and piece of art is an original that is handmade and is inspired by the things we love. They are influenced by our shared nostalgia and love for music & art. 

We also offer custom design options. First option is for you to give us your idea and we do our best to make it happen. Option two is our Kiddo custom option, in which you can provide us with your kiddos drawing and we translate their artwork onto any style of apparel for you. 

Our goal is to simply create the things we love in hopes that others will enjoy as well. We have so many upcoming plans and are super excited to share them all with you. 

*If you have any questions or would like to collaborate in art, events, music or just wanna hangout send us a message! We look forward to being your new best friends!